Transform the way your institution and students communicate

Join us in building a smarter, more connected future for higher education

One platform connects them all.

Our platform allows for cross channel communication letting you reach students where students are.

Two-way communication

Open direct lines of communication between university officials and students, all in one platform.

Fast and secure

Our platform is completely cloud hosted and FERPA compliant.


Automate personalized outreach to students reminding them of important deadlines and answering any questions students may have.

Student Success

Help students gain access to information about academic deadlines as well as nudging students to complete degree requirements.

Student Affairs

Connect students to the campus resources they need and create a line of communication for events on campus.


Smart Learning Feature

CampusGenius’s platform learns with every conversation that takes place allowing you to use the data collected for faster responses and informed decision making.

Automated Responses

Automated FAQ responses and workflows with our custom chatbot integration.

Informed Decisions

Learn what processes need improvement based on the conversations students are having.


Contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have and we will be sure to get back to you!